Advantages Of Attending 2016 Denton Counseling Symposium And Similar Conferences

Having you ever gone to a conference that’s similar to the 2016 Denton Counseling Symposium? That is not the first event of its kind that we got invited to, but it is easily among the most remarkable ones. The reason is that the keynote speakers talked about a few truths about counseling that you do […]

How Reading Can Make Your Mind And Body Healthy (Meet The Better You)

Time spent on reading books is time well spent according to psychologists.  You can start reading as a hobby, which can eventually be developed into a habit.  A good habit that can be the source of your happiness and pleasure as it allows you to escape reality for a moment. Reading Helps You Breakaway From […]

How To Express Love To A Person With Bipolar Disorder 

Loving a person is a continuous decision that you need to make every single day. The moment you profess your love to a person, you must be prepared with the consequences that come with it. As such, it is imperative on your part to be careful in assessing your feelings for someone before you express […]

Mind-Body Connection For Better Or For Worse

  Whatever the mind thinks, the body does; therefore, there will be no assurance of optimal well-being without the harmonious accord between the two.

Stepping Up The Ladder Of Success Through Self-Talk Techniques

  What we tell ourselves will manifest in the way we act towards our goals.   What determines your success? Is it the way you look or the way you talk? Is it how you present yourself to other people?

Setting Your Mind For Greatness

We are all born for greatness, and all of us has a chance of being successful in life, but why are there so few of these people who have made it? Most of us are just hearing and reading these stories while doing a job we never really dreamed of.  What could have they done […]

Leading Health Regimens For The Ailing Mind And Body

When you think you’ve done everything that the book has stated to maintain a healthy disposition, your body still failed you in more ways than one.You’re always anxious, your blood pressure is inconsistent, and even your blood sugar has dropped to undesirable levels.

Fun And Effective Therapies For Your Kids’ Mind-Body Connection

Asking your kids to calm down can be difficult especially if they are experiencing mind-body complications. Majority of kids these days struggle with educational and societal demands that it contributes to a lot of pressure and growing stress. Often, technology also plays a huge part in your child’s anxiety and mental health.

Detrimental Contributions Of Sweets To The Mind-Body Interconnection

We are all too aware that increased sugar consumption can cause severe heart issues and unhealthy weight gain. In a recent development, evidence shows that sugar, if taken in high amounts, directly affects a person’s psychological welfare and cognitive function.

Success: Physically, Emotionally, And Mentally Happy At Work

We are born, then we play, go to school, graduate, and get a job. That’s the norm of the society nowadays. It’s interesting how this kind of pattern has been happening for so many decades, yet there are only a few who have mastered the art of working productively while being happy. This is discussed […]