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Do you want to be a counseling psychologist? It was my dream to refer clients and families with mental health needs to psychotherapy and become a psychologist to improve lives.

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My Counseling Dreams Of Being A Counseling Psychologist

Because of that, my initial goal was to be able to treat them by becoming a professional counseling psychologist, or psychologist specialized in counseling. But I never believed it to be that easy. So here’s how I became a counseling psychologist.

Here’s more about my lifelong wish to be a counseling psychologist. And if you are a fan of the topic of psychology, psychiatry, or psychological counseling, you must continue reading. For me, anything psychiatry, counseling psychology, or counseling-related is quite interesting!

However, when I was only nine years old, I got diagnosed with Lyme disease, which I most likely got from ticks as I always played outdoors back then. You should know that having Lyme disease meant that I would be immunocompromised for the rest of my life. The condition made me susceptible to any bacterial or viral infection and needed psychological counseling. Even without my parents or my doctors telling me about it, though, I could tell my dream of becoming a counseling psychologist or counselor pretty much ended when the Lyme diagnosis arrived.

Counting out psych counseling dreams made me sad, but hey, “I could have many years to dream another dream. I could give up my love for counseling then.”


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Changing Psych Counseling With Counseling Psychologist

When I was in high school, I saw a surge of depressive disorders among my schoolmates. However, the others could use psychological depression as an excuse to get away from certain activities or go with the psychological counseling trend. A counseling psychologist/counseling expert family friend told me this once.

Having a counselor/psychologist at school

If a student could say that she was feeling lonely or hopeless or sad, the counseling psychologist could not take the shortcut and diagnose the student on the spot. Instead, she would observe that kid and sometimes even visit them at their houses to see if they were genuinely depressed or acting up. This is an important task in the counseling psychology field and a counseling psychologist knows it as well.

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When I Needed Counseling

Yes, I needed counseling psychology myself and wanted to talk to a counseling psychologist.

My parents said that during the pandemic, many people needed the help of a psychologist to help them care for their mental health. They turn to counseling psychology as well, as counseling psychology mostly helps with these things.

I was alright during the first few months, but mental health finally caught up with me when the sixth month came.

I felt lethargic and too lazy to get up every day; some days, I would not even leave my bed unless I badly needed to use the bathroom. There were two full weeks when I did not cook and survived by eating chips and ice cream. I felt that a counseling psychologist would really be of help at that time. Group counseling was another solution that I can think of for my mental health.

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Counseling a Psychologist

My mental health — psychological depression — could have gone on up to this day. However, my mother asked one of my colleagues – a clinical psychology expert on psychological disorders – if they could check on me because they could not get ahold of me. As soon as my friend saw me, she said, “What happened to the clinical psychologists / career counseling consulting services fan I knew?”

“Gone with the wind, I guess,” I answered her dryly.

My psychological counselor

My doctoral degree-holding friend pushed me to take a shower as she cleaned my living room. The cold water hitting my body already gave me a sense of clarity, knowledge, and understanding of my complete emotional distress. Once I was in fresh clothes, my clinical psychologists friend offered me group counseling, which I could accept. True enough, it was heaven-sent.

Moral Lesson

Even if you are a counseling or psychology professional for professional organizations that require career and vocational development, you are not immune to depression or any psychological disorder. That is especially true in troubled times like now where you can’t solve problems without a psychologist assist. Do not hesitate to pursue psychology counseling services if you need counseling advice or services.

If you want to share your knowledge, understanding and techniques about the workplace counseling psychologist or psychiatric counseling for that matter, do comment below this article!

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