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A Therapist’s Guide In Achieving Inner Peace

If there is one thing that you need to master in this life, it is the ability to achieve inner peace wherever you go. Imagine living a life that is peaceful and far from the chaos. Think about how great everything in your day-to-day life would become the moment you learn how to quiet your […]

Mind-Body Approaches For Fertility: Healing For Health

  Source: Mind and body therapy pertains to the connection between one’s physical and mental health. Stress is the culprit of various illnesses, both emotional and physical. Chronic conditions like infertility may cause severe stress, which may subsequently lead to anxiety and depression. But could these mind-body therapy approaches really help women conceive? Studies […]

Alternative Treatments You Might Want To Try For Your Chronic Pain

Have you been dealing with chronic pain for some time now, but you prefer to see a therapist online instead of meet with a real doctor to get help? Yes, you are not the only physically troubled individual who does that. With the emergence of digital counseling, a growing number of folks turn to it […]

Five Facts About Single Fathers

Ever since the family movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” from 13 years ago, there have been more and more children from single-parent families who lived with their fathers. The percentage of father-led single-parent households since 2007 has increased since then by 12.5%, making a total of 16.1% according to the US Census Bureau.

How Reading Can Make Your Mind And Body Healthy (Meet The Better You)

Time spent on reading books is time well spent according to psychologists.  You can start reading as a hobby, which can eventually be developed into a habit.  A good habit that can be the source of your happiness and pleasure as it allows you to escape reality for a moment. Reading Helps You Breakaway From […]

How To Express Love To A Person With Bipolar Disorder 

Loving a person is a continuous decision that you need to make every single day. The moment you profess your love to a person, you must be prepared with the consequences that come with it. As such, it is imperative on your part to be careful in assessing your feelings for someone before you express […]