Body Mind Counseling Mind Health Five Reasons Why Bullying Is Harmful To One’s Body And Mind

Five Reasons Why Bullying Is Harmful To One’s Body And Mind


The 2019 Body and Mind Conference featured talks on a women’s mental health, intimate partner violence, and substance use. The meeting was able to connect the importance of maintaining your body and mind’s health. Bullying is one activity that may harm an individual’s body and mind. It is crucial we prevent bullying in school, the workplace, or even online. Not only does it damage a person’s mental health, but it may also lead them to despair and suicide.

Our body and mind are in sync with each other. You can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body and vice versa. Thus, we should always try to take care of both and avoid events or instances that may devastate the life of the victim. Here are five reasons why bullying is harmful to one’s body and mind.

1. Grow To Become Socially Withdrawn

It is challenging to be a constant target of bullying. People become afraid of associating themselves with you to avoid the conflict. The victim becomes disconnected from the environment. They end up isolating themselves from everyone. In the end, they may not be able to receive the help they need.


2. Struggle To Maintain And Build Relationships

The bullied often develop difficulty in trusting others. This difficulty in trusting other people may soon become a problem in future relationships with friends or a significant other. Not only does the victim struggle with this problem, but the bully may also experience the same situation. Given their reputation as a bully, people may fear them or avoid them altogether.

3. Builds Low Self-Esteem

Bullying may damage their victim’s perception of themselves. The victim begins to question their appearance or personality. It may lead to self-harm or other harmful activities.

4. Leads To Dropping Out Or Suicide

The victims of bullying often feel that they can’t be accepted. This idea makes them uneasy and anxious about the place they’re supposed to feel safe. This unsecured feeling may lead to them dropping out of school or resigning from work.

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5. Impacts The Ability To Learn

Being in constant fear of being bullied, you tend to lose your concentration in classes or during breaks. The same may occur for people in workplaces. They may end up producing low quality work or become unable to function entirely in their workspaces.