We’re Back


Feeling stressed-out, anxious and overwhelmed?


You’ve arrived here because you are searching for answers, help, acceptance, understanding, compassion and an end to your distress.  Whether the source of your anxiety or depression is rooted in your history, experience, relationship or career; I believe the answer to resolving your pain lies within you.  You have a right to a better life, to live with less distress, and with more peace and enjoyment.


You can overcome your feelings of stress, anxiety/panic, grief, and depression.  Make it easier by enlisting the help of a qualified professional counselor, someone trained in psychotherapy and dedicated to helping clients achieve peace.


Counseling is not magic.  Counseling is a professional relationship that develops between you and a therapist.  Like any relationship, counseling can take time to develop trust and a sense of safety.  As a blog site about counseling, we will  strive to provide an open, accepting, and comfortable counseling information environment where you can explore your past traumas, experiences, thoughts, and feelings.  The role of a counselor is not to judge, criticize, or direct a client in “right” or “wrong” behavior.  You may already know what is right or wrong for you, but you can’t seem to reach it.


We invite you to be courageous and reach out today.  Take the challenge.  Begin a journey to a new you.  Stop living with stress, anxiety, panic, depression, grief…  Start LIVING!