Talk Therapy For Those Who Want To Move On And Forget


Our life is a cycle, and the experiences we have are somewhat all the same. However, not all of us have the same tolerance when it comes to emotional pain. Some are tough and would deal with difficulties as if nothing happened, and there are those who need a tremendous amount of support from the people around them to cope up. “Your environment, both your social and natural surroundings, can greatly impact how you feel.” Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC said. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky enough to have a solid group of people who would provide moral support in times of challenges such as a breakup.

We often see struggles of people experiencing a breakup in movies. They are usually crying, confused, and unfocused. They tend to lose the will to move forward and the inspiration to do the things they used to love. These people turn to their friends who are usually the first people we all seek whenever we deal with a breakup. However, there are some aspects of a breakup that make us hold on. These things are often overlooked whenever we do not make the necessary steps in dealing with the pain.

Seeking talk therapy to move on and forget is a wise decision. There are many advantages we can gain from it, and the healing process is faster compared to just talking to friends and getting used to the pain, hoping it would just pass. “Why talk about your problems including mental health challenges? Just talking about your situation to someone can reduce your stress and help you feel better.” Dr. Aaron Kaplan, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist elaborates.

Benefits Of Talk Therapy In Moving On And Forgetting:

  1. Talk therapy is specifically designed to treat emotional struggles. It aids in managing the pain caused by a breakup, and it is more than just a “go-to” to pour out emotions. It is a tool to deal with the pain and learn ways to divert it and eventually forget it.



  1. Talk therapy bravely tackles issues that may have contributed to a breakup. Dealing with it is the first step, and forgetting it is understandable. However, people should learn from a failed relationship. Somehow, it is a way for us to recognize our mistakes so that we would not do the same in our next relationship.


  1. Talk therapy gives us an opportunity to know ourselves better. Being young and in love often blinds us to the essential things in life such as self-love and self-awareness. We should always remember that self-love is one crucial thing that we all should learn before we can be good at loving others.


  1. Talk therapy is a solid support to people who are struggling to move on and forget. Unlike talking to friends or our “run-to” people whom we need to demand time from, therapists are available when we need them. They have studied their craft to spend their time to help people in need of their services.


  1. Talk therapy is a tool for us to pour out all the emotions we are keeping inside. Sometimes, we tend to repress our feelings because we think it will aggravate the pain, but talk therapy teaches us that talking is the best way for us to manage all our negative thoughts as we can identify the issues we have to focus on.

“Our society tells us that if you talk about your issues, express your feelings, or even verbalize you have a mental health disorder, you must be “weak.”,” –Ryan Parks, M.Ed, LPCC


Talking is beneficial to us. It makes us discard all the negative feelings we have inside. Sometimes, moving on starts with talking and cleaning the slate, breaking free from the negativity of the past. And since talk therapy also tackles our mistakes, it teaches us to be better and prepares us for our next relationship. Sometimes, forgetting should come from dealing and eventually healing.