The Connection Of Romantic Relationships To Body And Mind

The question that will arise at this time is – Can a romantic relationship makes an impact on one’s overall well-being? Facebook can answer it in one of its phrases – It’s complicated. Being in a romantic relationship doesn’t guarantee one to achieve their desired health goal. Particular research found out that for a person to increase their chances of avoiding illness, one must adopt healthier habits to live longer and get involved in a secure and stable partnership. Contrary to that, troubled relationships lead both parties to welcome stress and have a high tendency in having weak immunity.  


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Excellent Diet for the Mind and Body

Crazy enough for many people not to believe that there’s a single best diet to achieve optimum health by looking to their favorite celebrities being hooked to fad diets. Ranging from the absurd to ridiculously unaffordable, these celebrity diets often make their followers do so. Little they do know that there are other alternative diets that they can make out of their refrigerator’s supplies. And one of these is the Mediterranean diet. 




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Mental Health Benefits of Team Sports

Quite lately, topics about mental health flood radios, TV stations, newspapers, and the online world. It may be the effect of celebrities coming clean about their past mental problems kept long hidden to the public. Many people also question if modern living causes this epidemic. Is it? The truth is, the world’s social media that influence almost all people is the real culprit for this issue. Mental health issues were not a big concern fifty years ago compared to the present times.  




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Food Warriors Against Cancer: Healing Through Eating

Cancer is a debilitating medical condition that is caused by cell mutation. Experts also point out to stress as the initiator of cancer genesis. Mind-body healing provides many alternative ways to combat cancer and prevent it from happening. One strategy is through the selection of the food that we eat every day. 


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In Sickness and In Health: How The Mind-Body Interconnection Works

Synchronously working together as powerful, trustworthy allies, the mind and the body affects one another in ways that are vital for a human being to perform the activities of daily living efficiently. If one is compromised, the other can be in potential danger as well.



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How To Develop An Athlete Mindset To Achieve Your Life Goals

A proper mindset is essential for an athlete to be successful.   It gives him the power to perform consistently at his highest level to be considered an achiever.  


An achiever thinks differently; even if it means separation from his family and peers for some time, he won’t mind because his focus is on achieving his goals.  

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Success: Physically, Emotionally, And Mentally Happy At Work

We are born, then we play, go to school, graduate, and get a job. That’s the norm of the society nowadays. It’s interesting how this kind of pattern has been happening for so many decades, yet there are only a few who have mastered the art of working productively while being happy. This is discussed in part at

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