Overcome Your Fear Of Blogging Without Help From Psychologists With These 4 Practical Tips

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Have you ever met someone with great potential to become the blogging counterpart of Stephen King or J.K. Rowling if only he or she does not want to reach out to psychologists every time you mention this possibility?

I know of some people who are so skilled in writing, but they seem to get startled whenever they hear the word “blog.” They have not ideally gone through bullying in the form of articles; there are perhaps companies that want to back them up as well. Despite that, all they want to do is write for themselves and stay away from the blogging world as much as possible.

In all honesty, this is the kind of phobia that does not make sense to me. Not to sound as if I’m trying to invalidate your feelings, but if you know your capabilities and you have a clear idea about what you can do, you do not have to be afraid of potential criticisms or praises whatsoever. And you can never be called boastful because of that; you practically exude complete trust to yourself by doing so.

It is normal to feel jittery when you are about to post your first blog. However, if it is already your second or third blog, and your knees still shake due to the idea of hitting that Publish button, try to read the following tips to get over your fear about blogging on your own.

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Claim That You Can Make It Happen

From the get-go, you ought to remember that your brain creates your fear. “Fear, or getting scared, is an emotion that’s part of our biology as human beings, just like other emotions such as sadness, joy and anger. It serves a purpose that’s crucial to our ability to survive,” says Steve Orma, PsyD, clinical psychologist. In a way, you create your mental adversaries. Perhaps you think negatively about yourself, for instance. Well, you have to stop trying to pull yourself down now if you want to be a successful blog. Start saying the encouraging words such as “I can do it,” “I am invincible,” and “I am no longer the crybaby that I used to be” soon after you wake up and when you are already working. In this manner, your self-affirmations might take effect and allow you to create a blog for the first time.

Be Proud Of Your Writing Skills

You can merely find a handful of individuals who can produce well-informed and exciting blogs, but you can still see the ones made by people with less writing skills than you do. Instead of ridiculing them, have you ever thought of how they can think of posting those blogs even if they know that they are not as good as the others’?

The reason is that not-so-amazing bloggers have an inkling on how to take pride in their abilities. They do not care about being bashed by the viewers because they like what they are doing. If a harsh comment comes, these people allow their eyes to pass through it yet not linger there long enough to depress them. Besides, they strive to be better.

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If YOU know that you have the talent which is far higher than what these people have, then why are you still sitting there and letting your fear about blogging eat you? I assure you, a little bit of confidence to yourself and your natural blogging skills combined can take you to places in no time. “Get outside of whatever your thought of traditional journaling may mean, and have fun with it!” Lindsey Pratt Psychotherapy, LMHC suggests.

Treat The Blogging World As Your Jungle

It is not egotistical to consider yourself as the king or queen of the jungle, especially if you remain undecided whether you will start blogging or not. For the record, you should do that and (hopefully) inspire others to overcome their fears. If you are having a hard time dealing with yours, though, you should see the activity as no different from a jungle that wild animals live in. It may be a massive place that’s covered by the trees, but it does not mean that you will not be able to create a path for yourself towards an opening.

Contact A Therapist

Contacting a therapist who can help you overcome your fear of blogging should serve as a last resort if the tips above either do not work or are not enough for you. Of course, we are aware that some people prefer to deal with their sources of anxiety on their own to avoid making their loved ones worry or prevent becoming a laughingstock because of it. Nevertheless, a psychological counselor is the type of friend you want by your side if all else fails.

When choosing a therapist, the first thing to consider is their knowledge about phobias and anxiety-related disorders in general. “Finding a therapist is the first step in helping to crawl out from under depression,” says Susan Block, LMFT. You may also ask about the activities that can treat or counter your condition. Since mental health is not included in many insurance policies, though, you should prepare for doctors’ fees.

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Final Thoughts

Getting rid of your fear once and for all can sound like an impossible task, especially if you have had the problem for a long while. However, how can you follow your dreams and pursue a career in writing if you cannot even create a blog?

Think of the ideas above so that you can publish your first blog article soon. Cheers!