Importance Of Mindfulness To Our Modern Teens

Today’s generation is far different from yesterday. The teens nowadays deal with various stressors such as the social media, peer pressure, social standards, parents, social demands, and change in morals and values of society. There is too much to think about that sometimes, all the things that occupy the mind make it crowded and confused. It is essential that the teens be mindful and goal-oriented. They should be able to distinguish which is vital in their individuality and life in general. 


What Is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is being able to live positively in the present. It is living with sensitivity, kindness, and open-mindedness. Sometimes, the struggle of being a teen is so challenging because it is the stage in our lives that we have to deal with a lot of physical and emotional changes, questions, and relationship issues. It is the time when we are striving for our identity. However, with mindfulness, it helps us to stay in the moment and grasp the essential things we should be getting out of our experiences. Mindfulness is to accept and recognize the situation we are in and face it with grace, curiosity, positivity, and acceptance. It is the ability to concentrate on the present. As Richard Zwolinski, LMHC explains, “There is an ongoing debate about whether or not teenagerhood is a cultural phenomenon or whether it is a description of a transformation that occurs mentally and emotionally during adolescence.”


Why Do Parents Have To Teach Teens Mindfulness? 


It is for the reason that it is beneficial for them in their challenging years. People often get off-track during the teenage years, and most often, parents believe that it is normal to lose focus and stray away from being reliable, kind, and well-behaved. Bella Stitt, LMFT said, “During adolescence, teens experience rapid physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, and social developmental changes. In addition, teens are often faced with a brand-new set of responsibilities and privileges, causing them to swing back and forth between dependence and independence.” However, teens need help during this critical stage of their lives. They need guidance on the changes that happen to them. It doesn’t mean parents have to spoon-feed their teens. Instead, they need to serve as a light to help them find their way safely to adulthood. 


What Parents Should Be Teaching Their Teens: 

  • Parents Should Teach Their Teens To Be Mindful Of Their Body 

 Several changes happen physically during adolescence; therefore, teens should be mindful of these things. They should be able to understand the things they are experiencing physically and how it is going to affect them. 

  • Parents Should Teach Their Teens To Be Mindful Of Their Mind 

It is vital to let our teens know that it is normal to be emotionally confused sometimes. Some emotions may be new to them, and parents should be able to explain why they feel that way and what they can do about it. 

  • Parents Should Teach Their Teens To Be Mindful Of Their Behavior 

 Teens should also be able to be mindful of their behavior and how it affects their identity and the people around them. Sometimes, teens react negatively out of stress that’s why they need to know how to handle it so that they wouldn’t develop bad habits and attitude out of it. 

  • Parents Should Teach Their Teens To Be Mindful Of Their Relationships 

Teens should also be mindful of their relationship with other people. They should know the importance of cultivating each one to better oneself. It is essential that they understand that people are necessary for growth and success in all aspects of life. “Socializing is incredibly important to teens. It’s part of their developmental process. As anyone that has a teen or worked with teens knows, friendships are crucial.” Susie Raskin MA, LMHC explains.


Mindfulness is indeed essential to our modern teens since they tend to be experiencing variety of stressors brought about by the advancement of the contemporary lifestyle. It is vital to help them concentrate on their purpose and goals. Mindfulness helps them enjoy life presently so that they can be positively ready for their journey ahead.