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How To Express Love To A Person With Bipolar Disorder 

Loving a person is a continuous decision that you need to make every single day. The moment you profess your love to a person, you must be prepared with the consequences that come with it. As such, it is imperative on your part to be careful in assessing your feelings for someone before you express it. Otherwise, you will only end up being hated or disliked by the other individual.


At the same time, you have to understand the fact that just because you discovered something unlovable about your partner does not mean that you can bail out anytime you want. In this article, our primary focus would be choosing to say in love with someone who has a bipolar disorder. If you feel that doing this has become a struggle, then make sure to finish this write up from start to finish so that you can improve the relationship:

“Bipolar Disorder is a mental health issue where neurological differences can be observed between those who have and do not have this diagnosis.” –Catherine “Katie” Ness, MA, LCPC

Quit The Blame Game

Now is not the time to keep on blaming your partner about his condition. Always put in mind that what he is going through right now is mostly against his will. No one wants to experience or suffer the symptoms of bipolar disorder, which is why you must learn to accept the reality that the disorder is affecting your relationship. Instead of blaming your partner for his shortcomings, make him feel that you understand what is happening. Stop pressuring him to do what you want.


Look For The Right Medication

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Consult with a professional psychiatrist or medical doctor who can provide your loved one with the right set of medicines that he can take. Keep in mind that you have no right to conduct your diagnosis about the condition of your partner. It is always best to visit the clinic or office of the doctor where you can ask anything about the situation of your partner. Just make sure to bring him along during the set-ups.

“Bipolar disorder is probably the main psychiatric disorder where medication is absolutely essential.” –John Preston, PsyD

Be A Shoulder To Lean On

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Being in a relationship with a person who is clinically diagnosed with bipolar disorder can be a complete struggle. Simon Rego, PsyD says, “Some patients with bipolar disorder may have trouble complying with medication and/or dealing with the consequences of the disorder.” Therefore, the least that you could do for your partner is to let him know that he can always come to you whenever he needs to open up or even cry about the situation. Set a date when all that you would do is reminisce about the good times in your life. If you are free, you can also start to get interested in the happenings in his life.




Now that you have read the top ways on how you can be a good partner to your loved one who has a bipolar disorder, make sure to follow everything listed above. The most vital thing to do is to accept your partner with open arms. You need to work hand in hand to ensure that the relationship will stand the test of time and other challenges. Make it a habit of letting your partner know how much you love being part of your relationship together.