COVID-19: Things That Harm Your Mental Health

During this pandemic, you experience a lot of stress. Sometimes, you do things your way only to avoid stressing over the situation. However, have you ever wondered if you were maybe harming your mental health without even realizing it? Have you ever thought that perhaps some of your habits are the reason you are stressed and anxious? If you are not sure, you must identify the mental health pitfalls. That way, you can start improving your mental health.


Having A Fixed Mindset

If you believe that your character and qualities are fixed and unchangeable, then you have a fixed mindset. It is a condition that damages your mental health because of the kind of reality you put in it. A fixed mindset can make you unwilling and unmotivated to learn because you already believe in the idea that you are incapable of a lot of things. It makes it impossible for you to embrace challenges, and sometimes you draw yourself to constant failure. Having a fixed mindset makes you think that a minor struggle is a sign that you need to quit doing what you are supposed to do.


Being Stuck In The Past

If one of your daily occurrences happens to be a recollection of the past, and you often find yourself dwelling over things you should have done to control a particular situation, you might want to consider it a sign for mental health damage. The thoughts you repeat over and over in your head can cause mental exhaustion. This condition responds to negative emotions and gets associated with higher depressive symptoms over time.

Seeking Reassurance

In this time of the pandemic, nothing is assuring. All the things you do in life depend on how you adapt to the changing world. But if you always find yourself asking if you are doing something right, it is a sign that you are harming your mental health. Seeking excessive reassurance tends to involve depressive symptoms by potentially playing a role of vulnerability factor. The negative attitude contributes to unwanted stress and anxiety, as well.


Intense Feeling Of isolation

Understandably, this pandemic situation is scary. The adjustments you have to take are not the ones you are used to, which can take a toll on your life. But if you feel all alone even if you are surrounded by caring individuals, especially on difficult times, then that’s a red flag. You are harming your mental health the moment you think that no one is there for you in this unfortunate time. Such thoughts lead to pressure on your emotional and mental health.  Often, it gets predictive of future depressive episodes as well.

Ignoring Mental health Days

Have you ever spent a moment for yourself to think, reflect, and internalize thoughts? Have you tried making an extra effort in putting your emotional and mental health first before anything else? If you are always busy and you forget to take an off from the stress even for a day, there is a chance that you might suffer from a mental breakdown. If you don’t take a step back from all the toxicity that is happening in your life during this pandemic, you might not mentally survive from a complete burnout.

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Setting Unrealistic Expectations

It is crucial in this time to think passively. However, if you continuously convince yourself to get unattainable ideals, and often look for perfection, that’s a huge mental health mistake. Having high expectations lead to disappointments. Facing disappointments over and over can make you lose faith in yourself and others. It becomes a reason for you to self-destruct. It takes away your motivation because of the thought that nothing in this situation plays out the way you expected.