Activities That Promote Body And Mind Interconnectedness

Our overall wellbeing is composed of the body and mind. The body is the physical element which interacts with the world while our mind is the center of our feelings and thoughts. It’s like the control room where all the commands start. If we can make our body work together correctly with our mind, we can achieve just about everything we set ourselves to accomplish.




The interconnectedness of the body and mind seem stress-free, but only a few in a million know how to use their elements together efficiently. The external factors are what make it hard for us to perfect ourselves. Every day, we react and function based on what our environment demands from us. We direct our goals to the perspective and standards of our society. Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC said, “Your environment, both your social and natural surroundings, can greatly impact how you feel.” She’s right with that.


Sometimes, we have to detach from the idea that we are a part of the world of millions and focus on just one person – ourselves.


What Are The Activities That Make Our Body One With Our Mind? 


  • Walking Or Running

 There is an absolute peace that we can get from walking. We get to stretch and work out our muscles, especially our legs, and at the same time, we can reflect and ponder about things that bother us. Walking or running can help clear our mind to prepare us for making important decisions in life. “Just a five-minute walk before you get in your car to go to work or hole up with your computer in your home office can not only give you an extra boost of motivation, but also give your thoughts some time to settle and get organized. So resist the urge to occupy yourself with your phone while you do it!” Andrea Bonior, PhD, clinical psychologist advises.




  • Drawing Or Painting


Drawing, painting, or any form of art that gives us an opportunity to express ourselves freely is a way to connect our body and mind. It is through our brain that we develop thoughts that turn into concrete elements. Our mind controls the hand to create something out of our ideas.


  • Trekking Or Climbing


These activities are far more risky and adventurous. They require a lot of skills to be able to trek or climb successfully, and there are only a few people that get to experience this kind of adventure. Trekking or climbing gives a sense of fulfillment and achievement. These activities challenge the body and mind in a manner to which they have to work together to create strategies and techniques.





  • Singing And Dancing


Singing and dancing are enjoyable activities where we need to familiarize with the sound using our senses. We can express our feelings and emotions through our voice control and movements. Through singing and dancing, the mind controls the body to create a pattern and stylish moves based on harmony and beat. It develops the alertness and attentiveness of a person. As


  • Swimming


We can go to either a pool or the beach to feel the water bring relaxation to our tired bodies. Some people find happiness and peace just by looking at the sea and hearing the waves. Some people swim, surf, or ride a motorboat and interact with water. It makes the body and mind one with nature.




It is essential that our body understands the mind and the mind knows the body. Both are critical to achieving our goals, that’s why it is imperative that we make an effort to better them individually and learn ways to make them work together to achieve greatness! “Take a mental health day, take time off from work and refuel & recharge, whatever that looks like for you personally.” Audra J Lee LMFT suggests.